Our family practice reflects our values. We believe that our patients deserve the best care available and that they should receive good value from our service. We are committed to never placing a profit in front of a patient’s wellbeing. If Dr. Joseph Sparrow cannot provide a service, we will match you with one of our carefully handpicked specialists. We will then serve as a gatekeeper, monitoring every step of your journey.

Our practice is unique in that were able to offer both preventive and restorative care under one roof, and we have separate entries, lobbies and operatories for each. The preventive part of our practice is called Just Smiles of San Diego. The restorative part is called Restore Dental of San Diego.

Just Smiles is where our patients start. The focus is prevention. Basically, its services are designed to stop gum disease before it happens. Many of our patients need do not need to go no further. Our job is to keep you here. Prevention is the key to dental health. A clean mouth is more than just healthy to us, it is also attractive. That is why we print our slogan, “Kiss me, I’m Just Smiles Clean” on our toothbrushes.

Not everything goes according to plan, though, and even with the best oral hygiene routines, teeth can break or wear out. This is where Restore Dental comes in. At Restore Dental, we treat one patient at a time in a very relaxed atmosphere, restoring the beauty and function of your smile. Click the links below to get to know us before your visit here at Joseph S. Sparrow, DDS.

Come smile with us today! Give our team a call at 858-277-7474 to schedule your visit with our dentist in San Diego, California.